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We believe in the immense potential of our forests…

Discover our sustainable forestry practices with innovative nature-based solutions. We pursue an exceptional approach to address the challenges of climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

Partner with us to protect and promote nature's resilience while discovering the potential of the worlds forests.

Who we are.

Climate Forest is a German-based company, operating in North America, Northern Europe and Africa. Our mission is to conserve forests and harness their natural potential against climate change. These forests not only provide renewable resources, but also serve as crucial habitats for diverse plant and wildlife species. They also offer a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts. Join us in our mission to protect a generational green future. 

What we do.

We manage approximately 70,000 acres of forests worldwide, focusing on climate protection through near-natural forestry practices. 


We will guide you through your own nature-based solutions projects with the following steps:

1) Forest Aquisitions

2) Nature-based Forest Management

3) Co2 Monitoring

4) Voluntary Carbon Credits

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Leading the Way

in sustainable Investment.

At Climate Forest, we understand that sustainable investment goes beyond financial returns. By becoming our forest partners, you join the global movement dedicated to conserving invaluable ecosystems. Together, we secure a brighter future for generations to come.

Our Team

Our experienced team of forestry experts implement nature-based solutions to optimize the outcome for the forests, biodiversity and the climate. You can invest with confidence, knowing your contributions are in the most capable hands.

Sebastian Seidel

Our CEO is a forest engineer with more than two decades of expertise in forest investments.

Leonard Rauch

With a strong background in managing family-held forest estates in Germany, Leonard diligences our new projects and works closely with local foresters to ensure seamless coordination of forestry measures.

Acquisition & Analysis
Samuel Wells

With hands-on experience in wilderness and wildlife biology, Sam coordinates the recording of carbon storage performance in our project forests through advanced laser scans.

Project Manager
Jay Braunscheidel

With a track record of managing vast landscapes exceeding 140,000 acres, Jay takes charge of planning and implementing measures in our project forests.

Anne Vallersnes

Our head of client solutions, combines our technical and financial expertise to reach our sustainable forest objective.

Head of Client Solutions
Claus Kannwischer

In his role as Project Manager and Business Development Strategist, he oversees all our Climate Forest projects.

Business Development
Sofia Sovera

Our manager for all media channels has a background in Marketing, Communications and Design, coupled with her international experience and multilingual skills.

PR & Social Media Manager
Lisa Marie Simon

With a background in Environmental Sustainability and Management she combines research and analytics to find strategic partnerships aligned with our environmental goals.

Client Solutions Manager


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