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Sustainable Forest Management and Investment Options for Future Generations.


By selectivly utilizing our resources, we allow old and stable tree populations to thrive. This leads to increased timber supply and growth rates, while maximizing the forest's carbon sink capacity.

Preserving mature tree stands and leaving deadwood in the forest create optimal habitats for numerous plant and animal species. Additionally, a high diversity of tree species enhances resilience to climate change.

When necessary, we actively intervene in forest management through maintenance or reforestation efforts to stabilize populations, enhance biodiversity, and promote growth. Explore how our sustainable practices support a thriving ecosystem and contribute to a greener future.

We promote valuable timber to enable long-term utilization of wood after it is harvested from the forest, for instance in furniture production. This way, carbon remains sequestered and the forest continually increases in value.

On-site, we collaborate with local experts who are well-versed in the region's specifics. Foresters from the area possess deep knowledge of the local conditions and are highly connected.

Our forest management is up to date. We mostly survey our stocks using drones. The forest management is completely digitalized. This way, as a customer, you have constant access.


We provide tailor-made forest investment solutions to both institutional and private investors, with or without carbon credit programs based on accurate carbon measuring.

Through meticulous selection and in-house management we offer investments based on sustainable growth from additional carbon sinks.

Forests naturally contribute to climate protection by sequestering carbon. Our service offers multiple benefits:

  • Market leading and proprietary technology enables carbon credit programs.

  • Our investment opportunity enables investors to support increased carbon sequestration through conservation or IFM (Improved Forest Management) measures.

  • Forest owners can lease their forest to us, receiving a fixed annual payment while enjoying the benefits of property ownership without the burden of management.

What is a Climate Forest?

…Transform forests into thriving ecosystems.

We strive to expand the reach of our cutting-edge, technology-driven carbon sequestration system that we have developed. We offer institutional or private forest owners new sources of income by valorizing the carbon sequestration capacity of their forests. The valorization of forest ecosystem services is a widely discussed topic in the industry. We provide forest owners with new revenue streams through compensation for the carbon sequestration capacity of their forests.

To determine the storage capacity in the forest as comprehensively and accurately as possible, we use 3D laser scanning technology. The laser scanning captures an exact digital representation of the forest, allowing for precise determination of wood volume.

We collaborate with 44.moles GmbH to bring you innovative solutions. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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