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Let the forests grow old and transform them into thriving ecosystems.

Our vision is a future where forests are valued for their critical role in climate protection.


Our Mission is to develop climate forests with high carbon sink, rich biodiversity and sustainable timber inventories- through partnerships. 

We accompany the investment in your own climate forest. Carbon credits may be part of the projects, tailored to your needs. For exact measuring and monitoring of impact we partner with 44.moles.

Sustainable Forest Management:

Our Commitment to the Environment

Increase in natural carbon sequestration long-term
Enhancement of biodiversity and structural diversity
Development of stable and valuable timber resources

Our focus revolves around three key objectives:

At the centre of our operations lies ...

the implementation of nature-based solutions through the establishment of long lasting carbon storing, biodiverse and profitable Climate Forests. 

Our methodology is grounded in ...

sourcing of forests with no clear-cutting measures in the last two decades, as well as 99 years of forest conservation whilst promoting biodiversity.

3D laser scan with 98% accuracy of carbon storage and high-quality carbon credits with our partner 44.moles.

Sustainable timber production

Promoting biodiversity and structural diversity

Innovative, technology driven carbon offset standard

Creating jobs and alternative income for forest owners

Generating  high-quality

carbon offsets

Promoting ecosystem 


Equal opportunities for small forest owners

Our impact to the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

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